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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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liz: president trump will deliver his first state of the union address. we'll be basically wall to wall coverage. john: good evening, we are covering several breaking stories that affect you and your market. major averages soaring into record closes despite the lower than expected gdp number. we'll discuss why investors are so optimistic about this economy. the president is expected to resume immigration negotiations after democrats slammed the administration's immigration proposal. let's bring in adam shapiro to
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give us a quick look at the president's trip. reporter: america is open for business. the president is due back here in washington, d.c. a little after 7:00 p.m. east coast time. the president brought the message of america first, but not america alone. the president also tweeted upon his departure from switzerland heading back to the united states. heading back from three very exciting days in davos, switzerland. many people i met will be investing in the u.s.a. make america great again. here is the message he delivered in today volts to the world's elite. president trump: i'm here to deliver a simple:message. there has never been a better time to invest, hire and grow in
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the united states. america is open for business and we are competitive once again. reporter: the president is taking some heat because of the america first stance of the administration. he said when it comes to trade, perhaps renegotiating what we pulled out of, the tpp, the trans-pacific partnership. but also talking about what it means for trade in the united states. president trump: we support free trade, but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal. because in the end, unfair trade undermines us all. the united states will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices. reporter: the president is on his way back. he's expected to touch down in washington sometime after
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7:00 p.m. john: with me are gillian melchoir, rachel campos-duffy and john burnett, the for under and ceo of one empire group. it was interesting the talk of joining back into the tpp. i thought this was one of the best speeches the president has given. the talk of a border adjustment tax and the trade wars that can result from tariffs. that looks like it's going to happen. the market is not worried about this at all. >> they are high on the optimism. the market reached levels that are unprecedented. let's go back to the tpp. the president as well as secretaries ross and mnuchin understand to embrace the southeast asian countries is
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strategic to american wealth and also to american national security. if they are not trading with the u.s., they are trading with china. john: you talk about trade and economic boom. when you talk about solar tariffs. you only have 40,000 jobs in manufacturing. it looks like a tariff will shut jobs in america. is that right? >> i think so. the two companies benefiting from this tariff are foreign owned and they are already going bankrupt. we just spent 8 years massively subsidizing renewable energy. everybody else who is linked to solar is facing 30% higher costs. this will have a negative impact
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on american jobs. if you look at washing machine tariffs. consumers will be paying 8-20% more for their washing machines. john: it will cost understand a st. louis jobs. people bring up the trade policy in the 1930s that reached a high in 1933. a 19% tariff on 30,000 different groups. they say it led to the great depression. this is only two products. but the fear is the escalation. is that a fear for you? >> during the campaign if i was one of the people concerned about the denegration of trade. so i get it. but donald trump is a pragmatist and businessman.
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i think he will see how this goes and he will adjust accordingly. in the end what he wants is american jobs and he's willing to fight for them. if these moves towards tariffs are hurting american consumers and hurting american jobs, this is one of the benefits of having a president who is flexible in terms of his philosophy. you brought up the border adjustment tax it was something paul ryan brought up. he's a flexible politician who wants to put the economy first. the economy doing well has covered a million sins on the other fronts. so i don't think he will do anything that will damage the economy. john: what we are seeing right now is markets being alarmed by the president's talk. they are not used to seeing a
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president negotiate live time on twitter. do you think this rhetoric coming from the president about trade talks is negotiation? >> yes. and it's a signal to american workers, i have got your back. you put me in office, i have not forgotten about you. john: the gdp came in the fourth quarter below expectations. the longest in the history of being measures gdp. you guys, if you didn't have a problem with self-sabotage, you should have a 70% approval rating. what are you doing wrong? your messaging seemed skewed. >> when pay checks are growing in terms of lower taxes and
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increased wages as well as bonuses. the message will start resonating a little bit better. with the recent daca deal, actually placing more on the table than an is paid the, things will start smoothing out. john: one of the last times you had a tax cut in a dekrenltd economy. gdp went to 3%. during the coolidge and reagan and bush cuts. history shows those things happened. we are an aging economy. do you think 3% or 4% is a sustainable goal in an economy with an aging population? >> tax reform is a huge part of this. but as important is the
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deregulation. for 8 years the economy was so suffocated and repressed. we are seeing that burden lifted. we are seeing limitations the economy was straining against finally being relieved of it. and that will be as big. >> there is a lot of talk about deregulation. i live in a small town in wisconsin. i can tell you it's small companies, little businesses that were hurt the most of that don't have the lawyers and bandwidth to deal with the regulations. those are the companies we'll start to see as we move forward. we haven't seen that yet. i know companies in my town who added money and enhanced 401k contributions. that's not showing up in the papers the white house is putting forward. >> we reached 3% before the tax
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bill was even passed with respect to just deregulation and talking optimistic. >> the message of the gop, i'm not as optimistic. i was at the women's march last week interviewing people. and almost all of them said this was the obama economy. i think it's important -- john: are you telling me we are in a partisan world? >> that's a good point about the messaging. we have heard a lot of victim rhetoric. that you need government to save you. we are seeing the potential for a new narrative. government is not going to hold you back. you can be the entrepreneur. >> the ownership of the economy
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john: fedex the latest company announcing wage increases and bonused. but democrats are still launching attack. the governors of new york, new jersey and connecticut are teaming up to file a lawsuit to block the new tax law. lee, i want to start with you. the bonuses. people call it everything from crumbs to inconsequential.
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i have tried to figure out intent. whether it was done for the right reasons. does it matter if it's for the right reasons. if a consumer is 70-% plus gdp. >> i know it's hard because we are on fox. but if we can depoliticize this. we have a tight labor market and not enough money to do the jobs. fedex is saying we are going to spend $1 billion.5 shoring up their pension. and $200 mill going into the less skilled hourly workers. and here is what they are not saying. the other half of that money they are reinvesting is going into infrastructure. unless you have bind a rock, all
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the news from davos is saying foreign companies are hot to pour money into this country. >> because it's fox that you think this is not a good thing? the democrats said it wouldn't be a good thing. >> everybody wants to make this a political issue. it's not. this is a business issue. >> i tried to depoliticize this by asking that question. the point was, is this not a good things? who cares their intent or reasoning? >> tino. i think it's important we realize the money coming in here is going to keep workers motivated to increase productivity. a year from now we'll have to say did the wage inflation
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outstrip profit growth? i don't think so a because the thanks cuts are good and it will increase the money that goes to treasury. that's all we saw from davos this week. we don't want the democrats always saying anything business need to -- >> the governors suing, it seemed they were arguing over the 10th and 16th amendment. does this lawsuit have any merit that could be filed by governor cuomo. >> how ironic that they rediscovered the constitution here. i don't think it has have many legs on it. they are complaining largely because some of of their residents are going to be inconvenienced financially by having the state and local income tax and property tax reductions reduced.
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their own states limit the amount of local taxes that can be deducted against state taxes. are they suddenly going to allow in new jersey everyone paying income tax at the state level to deduct the full amount of their property tax? no. it's sheer hypocrisy. john: were you happy with this package? >> it's a good package and $1,000 is a large amount for middle class americans, despite what nancy pelosi says. john: nfl ratings are down. but the big game still means big bucks spent by advertisers. en t, the entire community came together as a whole. ♪ it was such an overwhelming response to help others. no one thought that they were going to do this before
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just as excited about the commercial as they are for the game. companies spent $2.24 billion on in-game commercials down from last season. the average cost of a 30-second super bowl spot is more than $5 million. the revenue hopes to generate half a billion in ad revenue for this one game. joining us patrick rich, the program director of sports impact. chad, ratings are down, but big games seem to be down. last year you had one game rated over 15. the year before it was three games. the year before it was 13 games. did it hurt this year? they will make half a billion
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from the super bowl. that's ridiculous that you had new york, the cow boys struggling mightily. parent rogers breaks a collar bone. is that one of the biggest factors? >> it's part of it. but i think people are watching the game differently. they are watching on the phone and on the tablet, and probably recording some of these games. on these playoff games, people come to watch, and they will wants to see tom brady in this game. john: i have always been a today has cowboys fan. but people love rooting against the best team. you mentioned viewership how they watch. red zone is not factors into tv ratings. >> if the audience hasn't seen
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red zone, check it out. it pops you around the league to all these different games when it's about to score, and keeps the energy level up when games will drag a little bit if they are not in a big market or big team. john: the tend seems worrisome. but it was up 13% a couple years ago and 3% last year it's down 1.2% this year. you still have 33 of the top 50 games last year were nfl. but the big dog is being knocked a little bit off that mountain. is it worrisome? >> if you compare the decline you see in nfl ratings compared to non-sports ratings are even larger. most of of this decline is based
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on how we are consuming these events. one thing to watch out for this year, social media is playing more and more of a role how these companies are getting their brand name out there. both before the game and also on the night of the game of and afterwards. john: chad mentioned people rooting against tom brady. but the nfl, i don't believe in conspiracy theories about games being fixed and refer ease together wrongs things for the wrong reasons. but the nfl be wanted them in the super bowl. you want this premiere guy in a premiere game. that's what make its a half billion dollar game. >> what would have happened to secondary ticket prices if
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jacksonville had been there. the ratings would probably come down a tick, but the secondary prices would have been even much lower. secondary prices are at a record high. $5,600. vikings fans were hoping the vikings were going to make it for a home game but that did not happen. john: chad, who wins the game? >> until they knock them off the top of the heap. it's new england. john: the fourth quarter comeback has been awesome. all three have been tom brady and the new england patriots. we'll talk about the xfl.
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john: chairman and ceo vince vince mcmahon announcing the xfl will return, professional football reimagined and will offer more of what fans want to see and less of what they don't want to see. more specifically, he says the political and social issues will have no place in the xfl. let's watch. >> as far as our league is concerned, it'll is have nothing to do with politics, absolutely
6:31 pm
nothing, and nothing to do with social issues either. we're there to play football. we want really good football, and i think that's what fans want as well. when they tune in, i don't know they want to be dealing with political issues and things of that nature. they want good football. that's what we're going to deliver. john: bruise pretty pritchard ie current hose of the -- host of the podcast something to wrestle with, and he joins us now. welcome to the show. you were with the wwe during the growth of pay-per-view, from hulk-an-mania, some of the great esther -- eras, also during the xfl. when you look at what the wwe brought to the page as far as how they revolutionized a lot of television pay-er per-view, what was your mindset going into the original xfl? >> well, the mindset was simply the fact that football is america's favorite sport, and come february football ends, and people were looking where is my
6:32 pm
football, and it was an opportunity for the xfl to continue with another football league and give people the football that they grew up on and that they remembered and that they still wanted after the nfl season was over. john: and some of your innovations now are being taken apart -- being used daily and weekly by other sports organizations. explain. >> well, exactly. you know, the x camera that hangs above the field that covers the action, everybody laughed when the xfl first said we're going to have an x camera to cover the action. they said, well, the punters, the kickers and the quarterbacks are going to try and take that camera out. today it is the norm in college football and the nfl. but we also put cameramen on the field to bring you into the action so there were a lot of innovations that were there that people kind of scoffed at but now they're the norm when you watch football today. john: you have "sports
6:33 pm
illustrated"ded award-winning podcast, the format was not around then. all these technical innovations that happened with the xfl, what do you think about the xfl coming up in the current form in 2020, where do you think it's going to be shown, traditional networks, pay-per-view or a streaming service? where do you think this is going to be shown? >> i think it's going to be shown everywhere. i think that the xfl's going utilize -- i hope they have traditional television, but i believe by the time 2020 comes around you will have an xfl network where you can see all things xfl and enjoy it how you, the fan, want to enjoy it, whether it be on your phone, whether it be on your computer screen or your tablet or if you want to watch with it on your television screen. i think they're going to run the gamut and give it to you the way that you want to view it. john: cricket has been around since the 16th century, and it was a dying sport. nfl may be a declining sport
6:34 pm
just marginally, they brought in cricket 2020 which you took a test from five days potentially down to three, three and a half hours, it rejuvenated cricket worldwide. vince mcmahon says he wants to take the game to two hours much as european soccer and rugby are played right now. do you think that changes this game that the millennials have such a hard time watching three, three and a half hours significantly? >> absolutely. there's been talk of having a game with no timeouts, no tv timeouts, possibly not even having a halftime. and you have to ask that question, what does that do to your advertisers. well, hey, it could be picture in picture and you could see the game continue as you're also getting your advertising message out there. in addition to that, i think they're going to find new ways and innovative ways to advertise whether it be on the field or like baseball does on the sidelines and different things. john: well, the premier league
6:35 pm
paid out 2.4 bill euros last year -- pounds, rather, and they don't have commercials. bruce, stay right there because i want to bring in my panel, scott greer, the deputy caller editor, and back with us is john burnett. john, i want to talk to you about some of the things that's going on in these -- from the political world. georgia mel heel called the president a white supremacist. espn took her off and put her on the undefeated, do you think these politics, people do not want to see any of this in sports? >> i think it's clear based upon the ratings and how, as you stated, the nfl is on the decline. however, when i look at espn, they didn't make a social decision or a political decision, they made a business decision. jamele hill, she had three years remaining on her contract. hay don't -- they're not making a whole lot of money, so what is the right decision, you know
6:36 pm
what? let's keep her on for the duration of her contract, and let's move her eventually to a sweet spot, so to speak, for her and that works out well for the station, and that way they don't lose a lot of their viewer base. john: scott, you've written a lot about diversity, and you have people now families that have political-free zones at thanksgiving these days. [laughter] do you think that's going to be the trend in sports, what mr. mcmahon is talking about as a political-free and a social impact-free sport, what football's going to be in the xfl? >> well, i think there's a strong desire among americans to have that kind of sport. it's not just the nfl. the nba also has several players who make social justice statements such as lebron james. and a lot of people when they watch sports, they just want to sit back, have a beer and enjoy sports. they don't want politics, they just want to sit back, relax and watch the game. and that's what vince mcmahon understands. he has a very tough challenge competing against the nfl and the already-crowded field of
6:37 pm
sports right now, but just promising a politics-free sport where everyone stands for the anthem and is we ban -- and we ban everyone with criminal convictions, you know, i think a lot of americans would like that. and he sees a market opportunity right now. john: bruce, before we go i've got to ask you, you had a dispute with p. didty over the name brother love. is that all settled now? do you own the name? [laughter] >> it is all settled, and p. diddy tapped out, and you're looking at the original and only brother love. john: hey, you had he hate me with rod senate, shouldn't one of these linemen have he ate me on the jerseys? >> absolutely. joop -- john: gentleman, thank you very much. coming up, the major indices set records on wall street and for the dow it was the 99th record close since election day. ♪ e in the middle of the night,
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john: wynn resorts shares tumbling afr "the wall street journal" reported allegations that ceo steve wynn engaged in sexual misconduct with pea employees -- company employees over decades. wynn denies it.
6:41 pm
john: it's another banner day on wall street as the dow, s&p and nasdaq all post record closes driven by strong earnings as investors brush off e weaker than expected growth in the last quarter. joining me now is fox news contributor -- [inaudible] the max cofounder and lee munson, portfolio wealth adviser ceo. lee, i want to start with you. a lot of people made something out of this gdp number being 6.2%, a little off from the forecast of 3%. it could be inventories, also a trade deficit going out. what do you see on the horizon? i talk to a lot of wealth advisers such as yourself, they say that the scariest thing is there's not a scary thing out
6:42 pm
there. do you see anything out there that's going to derail this economy? >> no, not at all. and i think people have to remember i'm surprised that people are so surprised about this type of growth. we don't have an inverted -- you know, rates are not tight right now. you know, loan rates are higher than -- long rates are higher than short rates. we've got profit growth that keeps accelerating. we don't have any inflation type of growth, and we don't have wage inflation. so i think you're really going to have some troop of external -- type of external shock to cause this momentum to take a pause, but for the rest of this year, i think any type of dip or correction or something down you have to buy, and you have to get aggressive. i agree, nothing on the horizon as long as we can get these tax cuts and as long as companies like fedex keep reinvesting in their people and in the infrastructure. infrastructure is the only thing that kind of bother ors me if we don't make it happen. john: i don't mean to interrupt you, but you're looking at live pictures of president trump arriving at joint base andrews
6:43 pm
after his trip to davos this week where i thought he had possibly his best speech that he had given. jonas, you look at earnings, and there's been a mixed bag. obviously, ge has a lot of problems, ford, a stock that i own -- i own ge as well -- has problems going forward. everybody seems to be going to a.i., google has 50 of the top 100 scientists in a.i. employed by them. is this the salvation of places like ford, and what is this going to do to jobs? >> it's not going to be a a salvation to ford because of what you said. everybody good in this is working at google. who's going to work at ford when you can work at google? and it's going to be the top people that are going to make this work or not. ford is way down below general motors in this area and is probably going to spend a lot of money and wind up with little to show for it. as far as the economy, this is a rough area. you don't want to be the guy who's like, oh, this automation is going to ruin the world and the economy because automation has always helped the economy
6:44 pm
and made america the best economy in the world. that said, 3% of this company works in driving, and that is a lot of people losing a lot of jobs in a rapid situation with this pace of technology development going on right now. and, frankly, the other problem besides losing all these jobs, there's not a lot of other jobs out there that are low skilled that pay well for people to go immediately into unlike when the cotton gin came out or something like that, and the governments are not in the position to handle the cost of uber falling 75%. it's going to cause traffic problems or that are epic, and there's no solution other than ultimately just taxing these things back to a high price to limit demand. john: jonas, you talk about the cotton gin, when you talk about the stagecoach going to the railroad, it opened up commerce. when you go to the plane, it opened up commerce. this is not opening up commerce, automation. it's simply making commerce more efficient, but it's costing a lot of jobs. almost every leader in davos said one of their biggest concerns was jobs going forward. you have as many as the
6:45 pm
prediction 800 million jobs can be lost by 2030. what happens to this? do you think this is, this a.i. is as big a deal as these leaders are making it out to be, or do you think it's simply technological advancement that new jobs will be created? >> i think the people there are the chosest to -- closest to the -- like, they see the future a little too well to the point where it's a little too like a fantasy, like a futurist novel. that said, you're talking about jobs all the way up to investment advisers like us are being replaced by software algorithms. you could also paint a future where the robots are doing all the work, and we just tax the people that own all the robots and the patents, and everyone sits around and has robots driving them around. i don't think it's going to be that utopian either, and i am getting concerned where all the low-skilled people are not learning to work in these fields are just going to imagineically work in a relatively rapid period we're talking about. of. >> yeah, you had u.s. went from
6:46 pm
a green economy to an industrial economy as far as what kids were being taught. we're not seeing that right now. jonas and lee, thank you very much. there is president trump, he is returning from davos. he came straight back to washington to work on the immigration bill. we've had a conflict between president trump and the democrats as far as this immigration bill. every president since reagan has said they are going to fix the border, and they're going to deal with the amount of illegals that are in the country. and none have been successful so far. president trump said he was going to get tax reform done. it took longer than expected, president trump certainly got that done at the end of last year, and we're starting to see that in business right now. and now president trump is going after immigration. it seems to be that he's willing to give a little bit on daca and give something in exchange for that border wall. i think the nomenclature of the wall is what has driven this division right now. don't see mexico paying for it,
6:47 pm
but how it's going to be paid for and the security is something that back to ronald reagan, every president has said that they're going to do and none have done successfully. we'll be right back. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. woman: wait! (laughing) i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know!
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reporter: fallout over the missing texts of two members of robert mueller's team surfaced. they feared being too tough on candidate hillary clinton because they feared she would be elected. gentlemen, i apologize to you both. the president takes buy other and it cut into our time. when does collusion and
6:51 pm
obstruction become criminal. when does that became ill legal and do you think the president crossed that line? >> collusion by itself is not a crime. conspiracy to commit some other crime is. if there was collusion in order to hack into anyone's emails and things like that, that would be illegal, and obstruction of justice. so if anyone intended to obstruct in some way mueller's investigation that would be a crime. john: when we look at this, i think americans are just fed up. there have been 21 federal investigations. we look at this now. do you think anything gets solved with this? are the american people right in their frustration with the
6:52 pm
government with this investigation? >> absolutely. just to correct you. i'm a former prosecutor, now defense attorney. regardless, the most of important thing for prosecutors and investigators is to not even have the appearance of impropriety. when we see 50,000 emails go missing, then they are revealed to show an extreme political bias towards the target of an investigation in favor of somebody or other, then that's a real problem and it reduces the confidence the american people have in our constitutions and this investigation. john: i agree it's a problem, but is it criminal? >> it's criminal if your bias goes so far you are going to make up your mind about whether you are going to prosecute
6:53 pm
somebody but even interview them. that's what it looks like may have happened with hillary clinton. john: i apologize to you for cutting your time short for the president landing at an driewps air force base. some democrats balking at the administration's immigration framework. ♪ ♪ hi. i'm the one clocking in when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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john: the rsh taking to twitter to express frustrations about a daca deal tweeting daca has been made increasingly difficult because crying chuck schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he's unable to act on immigration.
6:57 pm
the legislation would offer a pathway to citizenship in exchange for bored were security. rachel, is this amnesty? and does this work? it appears president trump alienated both sides with this. >> usually that means you are in the sweet spot. john: there is a reason they have a 13% approval rating. >> these are border measures that would not get anywhere without this deal. it looks like they care more about open borders than they tear with the daca recipients. you have people like chuck schumer -- people like representative gutierrez saying let's get this done. he's even willing to do this.
6:58 pm
he's genuine about wanting to help. they don't want to have it repeated again. john: border security and the deal with what is here. gillian, sanctuary cities. if we get immigration right, we don't have to deal with sanctuary cities. >> and the sovereignty involved here. these cities are essentially ignoring the federal law. but we have seen that on other issues. it's interesting to see people melt down on both sides. it's a step forward with a compromise. i think both parties have been intransigent on this. this at least putting some deal on the table. it will be interesting to see. the dreamers, even though they
6:59 pm
enjoy so much support, they are so against it. >> i don't think people are against helping the dreamers. i think they are against helping the dreamers without fixing the problem. they are worried we'll give amnesty to 1.8 mill and not do the deal, or it will get whittled down to a point where it's not effective. i think this deal is exactly where the people are at. they want to help the daca recipients, and they are concerned about drugs coming over the border as well as national security issues. so the president has his pulse on where people are at. john very president reagan gave amnesty without fixing the border wall security.
7:00 pm
>> obama's deportations were over the roof. trump need the wall as a symbolic thing. john: charles payne thanks for letting me sit in the captain's chair. i had a great time. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. president trump is safely home. air force one sitting down at joint base andrews a quarter hour ago. president trump in a triumphant return from his successful trip to davos where he sold america first to a sceptical assembly from business, government and academia. he received cheers for his plain-spoking style and his refusal to pull punches and compromise his


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